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Fixed wire testing/PIRs

Fixed Wire Testing: Also known as; Periodic Inspection Report (PIR)/Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)/Fixed Installation Testing

From just £110…

Cambridge Electrical Company offers a full range of services, including Fixed Wire Testing. Competitively priced and guaranteed standards of work, you can be assured of a first class quality of workmanship as standard, bringing safety and peace of mind.

All Electrical installations should be subject to regular testing, in order that they comply with current legislation (IEE wiring regulations 17th Edition). If you suspect that there is a fault, have recently acquired a commercial or residential premises, or are looking for a periodic inspection, Cambridge Electrical Company would recommend having a Periodic Inspection Report (PIR)/Fixed wire test conducted.

Frequency of Inspection:

The IEE (Institution of Electrical Engineers) recommends

  • Domestic installations should be tested 10 yearly or with change of occupancy
  • Commercial installations should be tested 5 yearly or with change of occupancy
  • Industrial installations 3 yearly


Completed from just £110…

By pricing all of our PIR tests on a circuit rate, you will only ever pay for what has been tested

Certification and Documentation:

All test results will be documented with both paper or electronic copies available.

It is important to remember that Fixed Wire/PIR testing can only verify the wiring safety at the time of testing.  Subsequent handling or alterations may create damage that leads to the circuits being unsafe. This is why Cambridge Electrical Company recommends a regular schedule in place to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

If you would like to know more about PIRs/Fixed Wire Testing or discuss how Cambridge Electrical Company can help achieve compliance with your Electrical needs, please contact us today.